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File: 1411237251708.png (393.54 KB, 720x480, y5ARqLY.png)

 No.78503 [Reply]

How do you spend your NEET days?
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Have you ever played the persistent world mod?



Yes, but I prefer cRPG. PW seemed difficult to get into, like there were a ton of rules and I didn't understand many of the game mechanics. My computer couldn't run the large maps very well either, even on the lowest settings, so I quit after a few days.


vidya mainly, anime, and then browsing wizardchan


>Watching JewTube videos


How do you steal 4 cases of beer without getting caught?
Do you know an invisibility spell i never heard of ah smartass?!?! you think you're the best mage in the academy?? come at me bro (just kidding) but seriously how?!?!

File: 1411227058658.png (174.8 KB, 499x499, hmm.png)

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I've seen alot of threads on this site about making a wizard island. I actually have detailed plans that I've been working on for a realistic wizard commune. The features would be:

Never have to talk to another person in the commune

Every living space is separated completely from others

Food would be cheap, as low as $1/day (possibly lower depending on a number of factors) if a farm was made and $2/day without a farm

All electricity would be from solar, completely off the grid. Also every living space would have its own separate solar energy.

The main limiting factors of a wizard commune are location and money. The only country it would be cheap enough to work is the USA.

According to the calculations I have made it would only cost about $5,000 per living space and after that only food, water, and optionally internet would need to be paid for annually. The annual living cost of each wizard would be around $800-$1000.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>solar panels
Why? Just put a few mills at a stream and generate power that way. Orders of magnitude more power, and infinitely more reliable and durable (solar panels last 6 years before needing to be replaced).

Also, you could have wizards who go out on 2 year pilgrimages to cover the finances of the commune. Working the oil sands for a couple years at $70/hr or something would mean only .5% of the community would have to be on a pilgrimage at a time.


>mills at a stream
Enjoy not getting any permits to build anything on the stream.

Also, instead of living in the fucking boonies and feverish dreams of constructing self-sustainable farm wizards could just rent a building with all the utilities and internet and just get money from wageslaving. Preferably near a 24h convenience store and automated post-office box.


File: 1411241799689.png (281.44 KB, 600x555, 8c1.png)

>just become wageslaves


People would be allowed to pay their rent with autismbux if they wish so, Mr. Goldbergstein.


Why is this so cheap and how does it scale?

Local farm is almost fucking impossible to implement efficiently (lower price than commercially available food) without modern technology which would require massive investments and even $2/day is very low, assuming good macros.

Solar electricity is a very good idea, but every wizard may require up to $1k to get their little PC fired up and charge a phone with 3G modem. Even a 12V DC system would be rather difficult to…

Holy shit, never mind. Cars.

File: 1410919375601.jpg (31.52 KB, 635x374, rent18n-1-web.jpg)

 No.77476 [Reply]

Why is owning a house/renting a apartment so expensive? Are these little squares of land really worth that much or is it just a way to keep lazy niggers out of the neighborhood?
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Cause economy


Depends where you live. The U.S. is the size of a fucking continent. In my area $500 will you get you a room in the ghetto + eventually your life. Rents are typically at least $1,000 for a very small place (room in some parts).


File: 1411254752969.jpg (20.14 KB, 323x311, 1404954860659.jpg)

>Rents are typically at least $1,000 for a very small place
haha do you live in NY or something?



The problem is, more isolated I want to be, more expensive it gets. Not socializing with imma-doing-my-laundry people costs more, because I have to get washer/dryer, or at least have them on site. Rooms with common anything (kitchen, living rooms) are very cheap, but they offer very little privacy compared to a whole apartment.


File: 1411256262499.png (88.22 KB, 399x388, 1410096134063.png)


Yes i am. Ur labor market is paradise. U have no idea how bad we have it here, how weak our currency is, how brazilians in your country are in love with USA because its fucking goddamn, paradise. The thing is, it's a matter of perspective. USA is the most powerful and beautiful country in the history of the universe. Anything a little below or hard gets people mad and sad or revolting (of course its ur right to do it).

But its nothing horrendous the situation of labor market or rent in the USA. Not at all.

File: 1410018305998.jpg (15.12 KB, 393x400, image.jpg)

 No.73478 [Reply]

Who /poor/ here?

>tfw haven't eaten in 24 hours

feels like dying
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File: 1411247069076.jpg (32.04 KB, 491x467, Ship.jpg)

Godspeed wizard


What's the alternative? Get a job which won't even allow you to support yourself? Work for Jews, and make them money? Be born to a rich dad?

Sell your PC for $130, buy one month of food, and then live in extreme misery?


poverty isn't a choice anymore.
we're living in a satanic society
sorry op


No, I've never been to a shrink and never want to go.

If I was honest with one of them they'd probably have a hay day and start slapping all kinds of "mental illnesses" on my records. I'm a functioning wage slave and am more worried about being officially labelled with such things.


Soup kitchen or community service place?

File: 1411028920795.jpg (20.91 KB, 250x342, 97590205216986d716c3.jpg)

 No.77827 [Reply]

Buy a motorcycle wizards.

We have a lot in common with the stereotypical American biker. Normal society resents us. We're ugly, hairy, fat, smelly, and greasy. We're labeled as slow minded and clumsy. Normies can sense the fire that burns within us while in their presence. While generally antisocial, we stick closely to our own kind, and have zero-tolerance for anyone who leans even slightly outside of our circle. We strive to differ from and one-up the normies, especially when it comes to practical living, minimalism, and frugality. The impressionable children of the people who put us down will watch in awe as we tear up the streets. Every mile you drive will instill jealousy and anger amongst the chad populace. No one would turn an eye to our covered faces in public. When we're dressed for the part, succubi will stay clear of our paths. It's not like anyone would want to share an enclosed vehicle space with us anyway. If we crash, it'll be the quick way out of this life that we've all been seeking, and would likely result in Thundercock losing his license forever.

A fully running and certifiable '80s UJM bike can be bought anywhere in the world for a single welfare check, if not traded for that gaming system you're getting bored of. Vintage motorcycle insurance is pocket change. If you can put a PC together, you can fix a small engine. You could adventure anywhere at any time. If anyone tries to put you down, spit in their face and peel rubber; it's the accepted reaction from a greaseball, scumbag, leather ape like you.
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Well, I wouldn't wear the glasses but what's wrong with everything else?


>not wearing gear
Amerifat chopper rider detected.


Don't listen to this squid.

Protection is fine. You'll look dumb to the people who like having their skin scraped off by asphalt, but you have to remember that other drivers are out to get you. If given the chance, a normie will fuck you up, no matter how skilled you are. Best to have something that keeps your skin on your body.



I live in a rural town and when I was young I had a crappy motorcycle to go around, it's quite easy to disassemble and assemble it again, I modified the engine several times. The most difficult thing to learn is how the carburetor works and how to adjust it to achieve a proper mix.

Buying a motorcycle from a known brand will ensure you cheap pieces and information about repairs and modifications.

But I would not buy a motorcycle again, I feel too exposed when riding one, not only in terms of security but also a car gives some kind of intimacy which you don't get on a motorcycle.

Wizards always prefer to be discrete, and a motorcycle isn't the best way to achieve discretion.


They are wearing protective leathers. And bandanas, enchanted against brain injury.

File: 1404712512477.jpg (71.11 KB, 600x450, long-hair-men-models-tl91swcs.…)

 No.58712 [Reply]

So what do you do for a haircut /wiz/? Who cuts it? How long do you let it grow?
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i cut mine myself, with scissors. just grab it and cut a inch or so from my head all over. my hairs really thin so it always looks shit.



I am exactly like this. I am 23 now and had long hair (1-2ft) for 10 years. I think it's partly responsible for why I became so introverted, because I get abuse from random people in the street and was made fun of for it and got in so much trouble at school.

My hairline started receding so I started taking propecia. I both want to keep my hair long, and get it cut at the same time, because I hate the balding and long hair exaggerates it, but cutting it feels like i've lost.


I don't.

not quite as long as op but getting there. it isn't straight though



I would pay for that.

I've been letting my hair grow until it touches my eyebrows and covers my ears just because I don't want to show up at the barber and when I do I tell him to cut to the minimum to avoid going until the next year. Also it's ridiculously expensive, $12 for a 20 minute job.

Also long and greasy hair works like a charm to avoid social interaction.


YouTube Embed: Click to Play

File: 1411207194264.jpg (49.5 KB, 451x378, megotsthis.jpg)

 No.78421 [Reply]

All I've ever wished was to be an archetypal nerd.

Studious, intelligent, and skilled rather than lazy
Passionate, happy, and wondered with certain topics rather than completely apathetic.

And while not particularly admired, at least acknowledged as a human being. No one would look and assume, "degenerate". (protip: simply wear eyeglasses for strangers' at the supermarket to treat you better in this regard. if not prescription then just cosmetic like I do. And if anyone is ever to ask: yes, of course they're prescription).

Independent financial success, comfortability, and a proud extensive family. A real human being and a real hero.
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Listen to this anon. Python or Ruby are good easy ones to start with. Once you wrap your head around some of the common structures of the languages you can move on to C++.


When will you braggarts ever fuck off, I wonder.


iktf. I'm always envious of those genius autists that can get so involved and interested in things.
Any interest or motivation I had died when I was 16.

I get all the cons, none of the pros. Shit sucks so bad.


I know this feel wizbro. I know it so bad, wish I were a nerdy super genius ;_; I know this one guy who speaks over 10 languages because he's a genius. Meanwhile after 4 years studying Jap and watching anime since I was a kid, I still can't read a manga or watch anime without subtitles. ;_;

Ahhh yes glasses, maybe I'll give that a go some day.


>have strong willpower
>because of my autism the only thing I'm capable of doing is watching and reading Japanese media

the willpower to restrict yourself to being an otaku. Impeccable, you're one of a kind.

File: 1411067850004.jpg (53.74 KB, 465x300, image.jpg)

 No.77959 [Reply]

Any wizards have experience with Adderall? Supposedly this stuff can really help lift your mood and make you more social and quick to thinking. Not to mention the benefits to the amount you can focus. I'm thinking about getting a script for it soon as I took it when I was younger and am diagnosed ADD, if it helps I'll let you guys know but I want to hear some other wizards experiences with it.
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>causing temporary relief from one's "hahd lyfe doode," is enough to warrant a ban

>people that I don't like should be banned!

>people that aren't perfect like me should be banned! death to all wizards!


Fuck off, cancer, and most drugs ARE neurotoxic


Fuck you normie. If you're happy with your life that's cool but some of us here aren't Chad Thundercock whose body is a temple and who doesn't understand why people would ever not want to be themselves.


Thanks anon. Though, are college people really so trusting that they would share their drug connections with a complete stranger? I didn't exactly roll a 10 in charisma so I'm a little scared that they'd just report me to campus security or something.

I actually have been considering getting some DXM for a few weeks now but haven't yet gotten around to it. Would the cashiers be suspicious if you threw a couple of bottles in your shopping cart amid some vitamins and energy drinks or something?


The fact that these people go out of their way to get drugs through any means possible (sucking dick, stealing from people, and in extreme cases murder) would make them outsiders, not "normies"

File: 1411251915802.jpg (22.8 KB, 640x430, a_copy_of_a_copy_of_a_copy.jpg)

 No.78571 [Reply]

Holy shit, do any of you wake up every single day with a crushing fatigue? It's literally like I have to pull myself up like I'm dragging a truck and it doesn't matter if I've just had a perfect nights sleep or not.

Does anyone know what causes this shit and how to fix it? I'm been trying to keep up exercise but I'm not optimistic it will help.

What do wiz.
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File: 1411253559472.jpg (132.46 KB, 800x1156, non-non-biyori-3468555.jpg)

I feel the same way. Waking up is so horrible.


I don't mind panic attacks that much when I'm alone at home.


He didn't ask what to do to counteract the fatigue but what to do to try and avoid it all together.

To answer your question OP go to sleep and wake up at the exact time everyday. Weed is also great to get a good nights sleep as long as you use it no later than an hour before you go to sleep but if you want to use something easier to get melatonin is good.


Weed is fucking amazing for getting a good nights sleep, tried sleeping pills before but they have side effects. Side effects of weed? Short-term, none.


It's like that for me the entire day. I never "wake up", my body is constantly drained and weak.

It doesn't matter if I'm working my ass off all day and lifting up 100lb objects, or taking it easy and carrying 5lb objects, I feel the same kind of drained feeling all day.

File: 1411064767402.jpg (89.45 KB, 488x516, nofunallowed.jpg)

 No.77946 [Reply]

Has anyone ever stopped masturbating for a week or longer? How different did you feel afterwards?

I've tried many times unsuccessfully but I am going to try again. General abstinence thread.
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Not him but I only have a problem with pornography, thats damaging. Masturbation is dine use your imagination otherwise youre a cuckold


mental illness problems like depression and anxiety are not natural or inherited. They are caused by things our bodies and minds were not designed to be exposed to. Live a more natural life in line with how our great ancestors lived and mental and physical well being will restore to you.

No tv, no internet, no porn, only wholefoods, no refined sugar, no caffeine, plenty of exercise, no video games, plenty of socializing and sleep when the sun sets and get up on sunrise.

Come on wizards, one day we are going to fucking die. Why not change our lives and give ourselves the best chance of just being happy for once and free of mental issues. I believe the modern world is responsible for these problems. We can break free and live in harmony with nature as our bodies and minds were meant to.


Well, depression is probably inherited to some extent. Also, there is an interesting amount of research being done concerning evolutionary approaches to depression.


I don't know if it's one person or multiple people who keep preaching this, but it's silly.
You can complain about "it's not natural " all you want, but humans aren't exactly the type to accept a live of hunting and gathering when they don't have to.

Dogs, cats, pigs, and cows are living much differently than they were thousands of years ago. They adapted and seem to be doing just fine now. And just like releasing a domesticated dog into their "natural habitat'', i.e. the wild, is a bad Idea; taking a human who has grown familiar to, or even dependant on, a certain lifestyle and wildly changing it isn't as easy as you think it is. Some people might crave it, but actually doing it is another.


I am not advocating living in the woods. You can live a much cleaner life and still be part of modern society. It just requires effort not to follow the crowd and make lazy decisions. We are so used to being rewarded for doing almost nothing our toleration for having to work hard at something has plummeted. Domesticated animals are still free from super stimulation and ones that aren't given natural lives do develop problems with their psychology.

File: 1410841376986.png (109.18 KB, 779x751, empathy_tests.png)

 No.77106 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]


This is the Eyes Test. It was developed by Simon Baron-Cohen as part of the study of autism. It is supposed to measure your ability to perceive the emotions of others. It is a test of baseline social intelligence. Social skills are another matter entirely.

According to autism studies, the Baron-Cohen Eyes Test is a reliable metric of your social intelligence and ability to read the emotions of others. It is not a foolproof test of empathy; high-function sociopaths and borderline personality disorder sufferers score higher than average on this test. Nevertheless, scores are relatively stable for people who retake the test.

My score was 32; the average for neurotypical males is 25. I believe I experience empathy, and so did the psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists I have spoken with at various points in my life. I am 27 years old.


This is the Empathy Quotient questionnaire. It's a self-report for behavior. It was developed by the same man, also for autism.
>Your Empathy Quotient score was 22 out of a possible 80.
Jesus fucking Christ. I mean, I know I'm socially crippled, but, fuck.

Anyone else get wildly divergent scores between these two tests?
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Eyes test 31/36, consistent with what I got last time I took it.
Empathy quotient 18/80, really thought I would do better…
Probably schizoid, but not an assassin. Too lazy. Dat avolition.


File: 1411170673523.jpg (154.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1407733372099.jpg)



You are walking a thin line and you should either fuck off, or prepare to justify yourself as to why you're here. The fact that you classify yourself as a Normie means you are implicitly breaking rules so come clean with it. We don't want, need or tolerate Normies here.


Second test is wrong fyi


For the first one, I scored 22 out of 36. Average for males is 25.63

For the other one, too long, will not take

File: 1411180176702.jpg (3.4 MB, 3456x2304, Matsushiro_Zouzan_Underground_…)

 No.78341 [Reply]

I have always been fascinated with living underground.
It seems like the perfect sanctuary: completely cut off from the outside world, surrounded by a nigh-impenetrable wall (the earth), no sun, temperature fairly constant throughout the year due to the earth's insulation.

Lately I've been thinking about getting a piece of land, maybe in the desert in west texas, and just digging a hole to live in.

Anyone else feel like this?
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File: 1411237120674.jpg (73.8 KB, 500x375, coober pedy.jpg)

Check out Coober Pedy.

Opal miners make their homes out of the mines they dug; financed out of digging for opal. To make money, they simply expand their house some more.

As far as building an actual underground home for yourself; modern materials make it really easy. If you're willing to do it yourself it'd cost like 10k to build yourself and pimp out a spacious apartment. The most important feature would be a heay duty dehumidifier and a ventilation system. Concrete with a rubber coating on the exterior makes for a water tight seal that would last for at least a century, especially with little to no settling to worry about.


I think you're referring to 0 light, which makes you go absolutely insane. Having regular lights, simulated sunlight lights and so on is fine. Also vitamin suppliments cover the other effects.


The poster above is a skeleton! Do not trust them!


damn what a coincidence. I was looking at islands around Australian in google map and i've seen a documentary of a guy that goes in Australia. He's been to coober pedy, around 25:13


YouTube Embed: Click to Play

and here's the video

File: 1409777444574.jpg (812.4 KB, 1500x2000, apply_yourself.jpg)

 No.72419 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why does it seem like everyone on Wizardchan is averse to the idea of self-improvement? For example, if someone posts about studying, working, or self-employment they're instantly called a Chad and then shamed for their attempt to discuss anything productive. It's like this website has become a refuge not for virgins or people who don't care much for shallow relationships, but for ambitionless losers, and I reject the idea that the two are related.

I do understand that we cater to NEETs here, but why put other people down for trying to improve their lives? I mean there's nothing wrong with being a NEET either, but chances are high (very high) that it's a dream that will eventually have to end. Even those on the bux are now constantly walking a thin line between between being able to cash their checks and having to fill in applications for shitty jobs.

Obviously this topic can be a bit touchy since it brings up feelings of incompatibility with society, but I'm simply suggesting that it's a healthy discussion to have now and again. I do worry about my fellow Wizards. A lot of you seem very sheltered in life and I hate to think of some poor guy killing himself when his bux runs out so take this as a friendly reminder to make the most of your time and be prepared for the future. Autism bux is a privilege and it's getting a lot harder to get, even for people with severe illnesses. It also won't help you to know that Chad is almost always the one assessing you.
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I had the feeling from a very young age that I was different to people. It felt like that as long as I can remember, my whole life.

I'm happy living as a NEET. I just feel bad for the affect it had on my family. My father and younger brother are estranged and my mother has been taking anti-depressants for years. Her own childhood was very abusive and this lead to her being unable to handle stress very well. Things are better now, I have financial security but I'm satisfied. There is no real motivation for me to improve myself. All my needs are met and I'm just waiting for the next disaster. I expect when my mom dies, I'll be utterly alone in the world. I probably won't be able to survive.


You guys are so much like me it's insane. It makes me feel not so alone and hopeless knowing there's lots of Wizards out there with similar situations and problems to me. Normalfags don't have a clue about such things and their advice only damages us but on Wizardchan there's people who get it.

May you live your peaceful NEET life forever anon.


Wizardchan is as much a hugbox as tumblr
So damn stupid


That's very good advice. The best way to avoid answering and playing the wage-slave system is to become master of yourself: applying and learning the things Normies are too lazy, incapable to learn. What's more, service-based jobs are significantly better paid than labor, or physical good trade many times to one.

If you have a passion for a hobby, have developed specific useful skills and are able to market it to the limited, consuming Normie world, you could be able to live and accomplish the things you really want, while only applying and further enhancing your hobby/skills. I see no harm in encouraging others to improve, although every NEET is free to choose his own path and progress as to whatever pleases him most.


but taking a hot bath is pleasure and is relaxing.

File: 1409348246216.png (21.52 KB, 250x250, 2.png)

 No.70794 [Reply]

Approximately how many pictures of yourself are there on the internet?

I know there's one from my ID on my university's website and one on my brother's camera from a party years ago that he might upload any day.
Other than that there's no way to see my face online.
41 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Approximately zero

I don't think anyone other than my parents has taken a photo of me in over a decade, and they barely know how to use the internet.

I'm ugly as hell so it's better that way.


Probably hundreds. My normie sister tries to take videos and photos of me when I'm distracted or sleeping, so she and her friends can share them to laugh at the ebin neckbeard


whys it matter if theres photos of you online



If you speak about only those pictures where it's only me then it's 0.
But there might be up to 10 collective pictures where i'm in.(mostly school activity)

But it would be hard to pinpoint me.


There was a class photo on some news site. I filed a false DMCA request with the host and had it taken down.

File: 1411200206673.jpg (8.66 KB, 250x187, 1409866865539s.jpg)

 No.78406 [Reply]

How old do you have to be to become wizard apprentice?
2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>what people don't know about the Columbine Combo is that their attack didn't go according to plan
Neither did Elliot's. He was supposed to lure people into his apartment, behead them, and after shooting up an entire sorority house, drive to a crowded place and present the severed heads to the people.



Make a short about it. You have the proper thinking and plot devices to make it into a success and drive the point home.

The difference is that what Elliot had thought about was akin to fantasy: nothing but effects and end result with no realistic, doable plan to accomplish them. The columbine guys not only did they fantasize about the end result, they planned how to accomplished it, carried it out and, unfortunately, didn't quite work out. Nevertheless, the intention is what matters and the reason why they achieved a much higher score.


File: 1411233514594.jpg (10.48 KB, 255x247, 1402867225937.jpg)

>"Ladies and gentlemen," the driver addresses the crowd, "This is… my privilege!"


The difference being the Columbine plan was meticulously planned and well thought out, with only the detonators failing them in the end, and that's a middle school tier fantasy that could never happen.

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