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Disregard Females, Acquire Magic
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what do you think lies after death?

some form of afterlife? Or utter blankness, non-existence?

sometimes I like to imagine that I'm living in a simulation of my own construction. That I have already lived thousands of simulated lives. That I've lived many lives full of luxury, but this time around I'm looking for something else. Maybe I'll find it; maybe I won't. That's part of the fun. And when it's all over, I'll be able to look back fondly on the bright moments of this life, and rest for a while before starting anew.

Life is the ultimate trip.
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read about NDE's and do you own judgement, that's all I can tell you



The few people who have been revived after being pronounced dead for an extended period of time have said they experience nothing; like they were asleep, and simply had no recollection of anything that happened beforehand. As far as I'm concerned, this clearly shows that there is no afterlife.



> have said they experience nothing

if you will look a little you will see the experience is quite diverse but it follows this pattern of seeing your body outside or just going into a void, then going in a tunnel, meeting a being full of love, life review, and then the person is told he still has things to do so he must return
of course I'm oversimplyfing a confusing subject and I'm just posting a case that stuck in my mind




Near death =/= death. These experiences take place inside of the mind of a living being, exactly like dreaming.

I experience fantastical things all the time due to lucid dreaming, however I don't pretend they're a part of concrete reality. I suppose it's possible they are, and that I have some immortal soul separate from the universe- but I doubt it.


>come close to dying
>your pineal gland releases hormones into your brain
>they make you go on a trip
>wake up and say that you met god, spirit guides, astral beings, your dead mum, etc.
Fugggg :^D

File: 1sffgfgy.wizardchan.Amish-people-007.jpg (36.91 KB, 460x276, Amish-people-007.jpg)

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If you think I'm about to preach and try to convert, rest assured, I'm not. I'm an ardent atheist, and I always will be.

No, what I want to delve into is the practices that are the core of the largest modern religions, Christianity and Islam. For most progressives, religious traditions are laughably outdated at best, tyrannically controlling at worst. I admit I used to think this. What wizardchan and red pill reading has done is revealed the why as to how they came to be, and why they endured as long as they did.

What I, and certainly more intelligent men before me, now understand is that successful societies don't grow organically. Mother nature doesn't lend itself to the success of all humans. It favours those with the best genetics, discarding the weak. Successful societies allow more people to thrive by controlling the worst behaviours in humans, and by favouring the middle at the expense of the top. Allowing betas a chance at marriage and procreation prevents them from becoming frustrated, angry, and most importantly dangerous. It allows them to function to the greater good of society by providing tax income to be spent on others, as well as become support figures for the next generation. There are no healthy societies with angry frustrated males.

So how does one do this? The only truly effective way is thought control, and what better way than to instill the values from birth? Religion does fantastically in this regard, and has been used as such for millennia. Preventing women from becoming sluts ensures that the sex isn't sequestered to the top 20% of males. Denying contraception means that women have to be careful about sleeping around, same with forcing women to bear children by denying abortion. Women that are forced to cover up serves the dual purpose of making it harder for them to flirt, as well as preventing temptation from other men. Every single one of these religious doctrines makes sense as far as the cohesion of societies are concerned.

Progressive attitudes will undo all of this, and lead to the fall of Rome. I don't believe in religion, but I believe in what religion stands for.

I'd be curious to see what other atheists make of this.


Yup. People are starting to "wake up" and revolt against feminism and all of the tentacles of the octopus that is cultural marxism.


The underlying belief system of a religion is pretty much irrelevant. It's the social principles that have their own natural selection; principles that promote 'fit' societies triumph other those that don't.

I think your view on the function religion played in our past is accurate. However, I'd like to add that the social principles and the religion are not strictly linked. They can be separate.
For example, a social principle like monogamy doesn't have to be linked with religion. You may want to note that in Islam, polygamy is the norm, and your theory about the whole frustrated virgin thing doesn't hold out since their religion actually promotes chads. However, in that religion every male has a chance (in heaven) to be with female so in this situation the religion and the social issues support each other to stabilise society. (Islamic societies aren't particularly stable anyway).
Anyway, my point is that the religion is a framework to defend and propagate social policies. In the victorian era christianity wasn't really a thing. People didn't really care. But monogamy, prudishness and women covering themselves and all that was a social feature of that era in Britain, but it was not with religion. Christianity provides the framework of defense- indoctrination from birth, the teaching of punishment and reward for following the principles, the emotional support from a holy text, the encouragement to 'convert' others to the belief system, and finally, the allowance of violence to defend the religious system.
Contraception wasn't a thing until the 60s. Abortion wasn't safe at all until recently. Hell, until recently, most women died of childbirth. Don't confuse historical religious afflictions with modern ones.
This leads onto technology. Technology has changed society. Contraception, abortions, safer childbirth, automation (machines doing the work of men allowing women a place in the workplace because the physical demands of labor are reduced to near nothing), shit like that. The american religious outcry against this technology is simply the religion's defense systems going into overdrive trying to cope with a radical change in how humans can live. It was meant to support a world where doing such things were dangerous, but now that it is not (so much), the american religious world (and Islam) are demonstrating the usage and power of religion to support social policies.
If you think back to ancient greece- they were rampant witPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>If you think back to ancient greece- they were rampant with homosexuality
This is not true in the slightest. Here is a post I saved from a while ago on another imageboard specifically for dealing with these posts:

>Ancient Greece is the example best known to Westerners.

I'm a Classicist, and no, you are wrong. I've explained this many times on [redacted].

Homosexuality was tolerated by citizens of most Greek City-States in the way that the USSR was tolerated by the USA during the Cold War.

If you were a slave, a metis, et cetera and were gay you were probably dead. If you were a citizen of means, an officer, et cetera you could likely do as you pleased depending on who you did it with.

That of course extended not only into fucking adolescents, but then murdering them afterward if that was what suited you, because there was no one to gainsay you. You could do these things because you had the power to get away with it, but it was still considered shameful and illegal. Of course great swaths of Greek society were essentially above the law.

The original idea that Greeks=faggots is from a gay American historian whose claims are very nuanced and present an accurate portrayal of how homosexual relationships were conducted and by who, and the study is more about demonstrating a constructionist rather than essentialist historicity, and then gay activist took it and wildly exaggerated said academics claims, which you apparently buy into, another poor victim of public school brainwashing in America.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I wish i was the guy you're responding to cause getting a history lesson and being btfo would be an awesome experience

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Why do some NEETs on here have a problem with people who go to university?

I was a NEET for three years and college is pretty much the same thing as being NEET, except you have to attend classes, study, and do homework. It isn't like high school, so you never really have to interact with people. Occasionally professors will have assignments that make you deal with other people, but in my three years here I've found that it's pretty rare (especially because I go to a state college and not a community college). NEETs seem to have the impression that people are always talking to you, but I've gone weeks where I haven't had to talk to anybody at all.

It's actually really enjoyable, because I always have enough money for things (not too much, but enough to buy a couple games here and there and to eat the food I want). My parents aren't uneasy about giving me a little extra money and my loans cover a lot. The best thing is that I live by myself, so I never have to deal with my family. My family doesn't even bother me when I'm at home, but I've found that living by myself is really cozy and peaceful. It also feels really good to accomplish something at the end of the semester when you have good grades.

The only real downside is that it can be very stressful sometimes, because there are weeks where I'll have to study and will pretty much be doing work nonstop for the entire week. I'll also have to pay my loans all back when I graduate and be forced to find a job, but it's still a four to six year block of time that I have to myself.
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>Mainly because I'm jealous



>college is pretty much the same thing as being NEET, except you have to attend classes, study, and do homework
I can certainly see that, yeah. It's really not about the fact that you're going outside and attending congregations, there's a certain… detachment, I think. A detachment from society and social norms. It's like sending a robot out into public and assuming that, because it does "normal" things like attending university, it has friends and connections.

On the other hand, there's a certain "ranking" that college students have. What I mean is, there's a population of wizards here who are not NEET because they chose to be, but NEET because they couldn't get into college, they're not qualified enough to get a job, etc. It's kind of an unwritten rule here, that not only must members here be virgins, they must also be losers. For example, there isn't really any rule that states that wizards cannot have any friends, but the culture that this imageboard holds sort of forbids those who are able to make friends and have friendships. The same can be said about university. Again, there's no rule that states that students aren't allowed here, but the general consensus is that college students are "above" NEETs, they hold a higher rank in society. For me, my NEET days have an expiration date, and when that day comes, I don't know what I'll do. The fact that you're a student shows that you have some kind of insurance in the job world. Even though we're both virgins, you still are higher in society than I am. It's definitely not abnormal for NEETs here to show some contempt to those who stand on higher ground in the real world, virgin or not.


I feel better about the jealousy thing when I imagine killing some normalfags that have almost got their degrees.

It's like, ha all that work was for nothing you dumb normie.


I only have a problem with it when they are doing the normalfagish "i'm better than you" shit about it. Other than that I don't really care. And rule 3 stops that from happening too often.


> It isn't like high school, so you never really have to interact with people

except you feel like shit when you realize you are the only one in a course of 80 people that doesn't talk with anyone during brakes
when you have to check that the seat you choose for the next hours must not sit near any obnoxious normalfags that will talk shit about you
I guess it depends on the course and degree but there is bound at one point that you will need to do a team project, and doing that team project counts to your grade, and you realize that no one wants to do with a project and you are left-out
it's inevitable you will feel some sort of paranoia or anxiety every-time some succubus maliciously laughs 2 row seats in your back

File: 1405906652044.gif (1.04 MB, 1000x552, 1s5lc1ty.wizardchan.WizardStaf…)

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Im curious. Wizards and wizard apprentices - which of these are you:

>accept the wizard lifestyle neutrally

>aspire to get out of it
>aspire to embrace it deeper

I ask this as someone who is personally on the fence. I don't want to be a burden on my parents but at the same time I want to go "deeper" because all the signs tell me I'd be happier and generally better if I embraced a wizard way of life and took it deeper as I'm highly introverted and just want an easy life free of commitments.
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What exactly is the wizard lifestyle? What exactly is a normalfag? All I know is that I want the following things:

>Nice-paying job at an engineering firm

>Small group of friends I can relax with
>Retire at 40 with a large, saved up sum of money that I then use to becoming a more vagrant NEET, travelling around aimlessly

I carry some ambivalence. After years of connecting with people solely through the internet, I do want to experience a real emotional connection. I want to be wanted and I want to be understood however, due to the years of chronic social isolation, I also don't have the social skills necessary to be able to discern the deception of others. I know that I'm the type that sticks a ring on the first finger that comes his way and gets played like a fiddle. Hell, the MBTI theory states that INTPs are known for being easily deceived by appearances and are only compatible with ENTJs. ENTJs are rare as fuck as it is, for me to then meet a female ENTJ that I find and am found by as attractive enough for dating is rediculous.

I guess in conclusion, I see a wizardly life as a way of "making lemonade out of lemons". I can't say I want to be a normalfag. Their lives seem pretty unentertaining too but nonetheless, I want a connection and I don't think I'll get that so I'm making do without it. I intend to go deeper into wizardhood, taking up meditation and other /fringe/ practices but overall, I'm pretty open-ended about it all.


To get out, but seeing people in real life and online living obliviously in toxic relationships always makes me think twice. I'd like to have a decent job, finish with a good degree and so on; whether others will be including in my life is a whole different matter. I'd like to think there are decent people out there, I'm sure some men are, but to me, all women seem vile. It seems to be in their nature.


File: 1405994389938.jpeg (105.8 KB, 450x640, ORSON WELLITY WELLES.jpeg)

I accepted it neutrally, I realized my wizardhood was upon me when I hit 28. I just let it happen, I am very happy with just reading all day and looking at the outside world from my personal sanctum.

At 33, I am content with my life.


File: 1406006703392.jpg (289.35 KB, 1312x1292, wizardmeeting.jpg)

The third, whatever that means. I've never tried getting into a relationship and have no real interest. I've got shut-in hobbies that'll keep me busy until I die.


I accept it neutrally. At one time I aspired to rid myself of it, but I was fooling myself. I'm almost 26 now. I feel I've made peace with it.

File: 1406005249616.jpg (73.32 KB, 401x239, harem-saito.jpg)

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Is it wrong to still desire women and relationships?


It's wrong, but not evil, more like pitable. I will pray for you.


It's pointless for one of use. And is wrong to go on directing talk about them here like what has been going on recently

>"Disregard Females, Acquire Magic"

People need to follow this more.


Whenever I feel that I just look at some real women with real women looks and attitudes.

It's easy to feel the desire when your only contact with girls is via entertainment media but real life girls are pretty shit.


Yes. It is this desire that will break you.

However, note that there's a difference between the desire to have something and feeling bad about not having that thing.

Give up your desire for the object. Feeling bad about not having the object will take time, and you may never be rid of it.


> entertainment media
I don't want to be all like 'jewish conspiracy', but women in entertainment are designed to be appealing as it sells more entertainment. A side effect of this is that people (men) are brainwashed into thinking women are desirable, when in reality they are not. This has artificially increased the demand for women, and also their perceived value. Men are willing to spend more and more to attain the woman from entertainment media X. The Jews profit from this since they make a shit ton of money from women spending other people's money.

File: 1405977568668.jpg (891.98 KB, 1680x1050, 1405673776451.jpg)

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22 y/o virgin tomorrow

How do I avoid going full Elliot?

Can all of my women problems be solved by making more money? (I know he had BMW, and I don't even have a car, but if I tryhard I might be able to get one in a year or two)

Currently have 7.5inch penis confirmed, ripped, social skills, well read, 16 years of formal education, decent face.

(Possible mild autism/ sociopathy and dat porn induced ED +porn addiction)
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This guy really has a point.

I'm starting to think that any thread even mentioning relationships, sex, or succubi should be relegated to /v9k/. These subjects pollute and poison good boards and turn them into cesspools - just look at /r9k/.


I agree. Fuck, the line at the top of every single thread starts with "Disregard Females". THAT is what being a wizard and having a wizardly discussion is about.

This thread is awful and should be moved or deleted.


File: 1406001690720.png (374.29 KB, 900x1042, reactionface.png)

>porn addiction



Fuck you failed normie scum shit

File: 1406000850647.png (906.29 KB, 758x900, 1405881426382.png)

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>I thought you were a complete weirdo at first. Just looking at you, I could tell you would be that guy. I thought talking to you would be like talking to a brick wall. I'm glad I got to know you and find out you can actually talk to socialize with people.

I was just told this by some insipid whore in one of my classes. So, this is how everyone sees me. It's nice to finally have someone say it to my face.

Why do normalfaggots judge us when they don't even know us? Just stop giving a shit about us and judging us. We don't give a shit about you and wouldn't, were it not for the scorn which you go out of your way to deliver to us.
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This is why I can't even make an attempt to integrate into society again. Don't you see how overwhelming it is? To know that EVERY NORMALFAG that ever sees us is going to subconsciously make up some story about us and just assumes we're whatever character that they made up in their mind? And every single normalfag that we ever meet, from the very first time we meet them, we have to be fighting an uphill battle to try and break out of the negative impression that they built up about us? It can't be done.

It's not a matter of, "oh, I thought you were that kind of guy, but it turns out you're actually THIS kind of guy! It's all clear now!" NO, it's not that simple. The reality is, the kind of guy that I ACTUALLY am is a kind of person that they CAN'T EVEN COMPREHEND because these normalfags AREN'T EVEN AWARE THIS KIND OF PERSON EXISTS, they've never encountered a person like this before. And they don't give a shit enough to ever bother to figure me out. Why should they give a shit? I'm just some loser creep. What do I have to offer? So they would feel more comfortable with assuming that I am their fake character, instead.

And then, to think, as much of a struggle as it is to get ONE SINGLE PERSON to figure me out, it doesn't end there. No, not at all; I would have to go through this struggle with, not just one, but EVERY single normalfag I ever meet. I have to go through this struggle with EVERY SINGLE PERSON I WILL EVER MEET.

It's fucking impossible. And so, the best thing I can do is just not participate. But, of course, I can't live as a NEET leech recluse from society forever. One day I'm going to be forced to deal with my fate, and I just can't fucking do it.
>but, of course, if I were born female, every person on earth would be just DYING to hear my fucking life story and get to know the "real me," no matter how typical, boring, mundane, unremarkable.


Well said; well fucking said. You fucking understand completely, and it comforts me at least a bit knowing there's someone who shares what I'm going through.

Literally the first moment they see one of us, all they can comprehend is that we're different from them. So what do those pieces of shit do? They get together and make up all sorts of stories about how we're deficient, incapable, subhuman, etc.

All because they're too shallow, stupid, narrow-minded, and worthless to understand our individuality, they shackle us to these horrible imagined caricatures.

And what pisses me off all the more is that they don't even need to understand. We would be content if you just didn't give a shit about us and let us be.

That's all I want… Just let me fucking be.

Wish I could hug you right now, brother.


>To know that EVERY NORMALFAG that ever sees us is going to subconsciously make up some story about us and just assumes we're whatever character that they made up in their mind?
But pretty much everyone does this. I can pretty much guarantee your own parents do this to you.



>"individuality is good! Bullying is bad!"

And then they can't comprehend when we're actually different.

And if some normalfag saw this, many of them would try to re-frame it as if we were trying to boast about being "unique special snowflakes" as the normalfags like to say. They don't get that it's not what this is about. I'm not BOASTING about being different or unique, I'm just tormented by the fact that my situation and circumstances and thoughts and views are different enough that it's difficult to even tell anyone anything about myself or my thoughts without running into one misunderstanding after another after another. It's like I'm speaking a different language and these normals can't comprehend it. I'm just not compatible, and I get so frustrated because I don't have the patience to try to explain myself to one normalfag, let alone every normalfag I ever meet. I just can't handle life…


Maybe it's impossible to avoid entirely, maybe that's why I'm so frustrated with it.

File: 1405984037908.jpg (79.43 KB, 360x480, 002196-sb1.jpg)

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What would/should you do if given the opporunity to get a relationship with a girl who was attracted to you, but she herself didn't seem attractive to you or "society"?

TLDR; should you/male virgins/wizards in general (and I suppose especially the type who wants to get out of wizardry) have "standards"?
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Of course, and this goes for everyone; the requirements are that you should have a mind of your own, meaning that you should be as free as possible of the unseen propaganda machine's influence. (Also known as the hive-mind)
(If you think the above strange or delusion then you are disqualified.)

Secondly, no contagious diseases.
No drugs.

That's about it.








I would accept it in a heartbeat.

I would like a friend to watch anime with, and it is unlikely that I am going to be raped. Even if she is stronger than me, if she is not attractive to me I doubt she would be able to arouse me for rape even with physical stimulation.

So really it would just be hanging out with a friend who smiles at me a lot and wants to hug.

I could live with that.


physical attraction isn't a problem. the crushes I've had were all less than attractive (to everyone but me)

personality is the most important



That depends on what you mean by "attractive". If she's just physically unattractive then that doesn't matter - I became inured to that in high school because I figured if I didn't have physical standards for women, they wouldn't have physical standards for me. As you can see that line of reasoning didn't work out too well.

However, if she's mentally unattractive then it's a no-go. I've never wanted a girlfriend just to have one. I've wanted companionship and real affection. Of course even without mental attractiveness my high-school self might have just fucked her, but my current self wouldn't. I'm oddly proud of my virginity at this point.

File: 1405917542160.jpg (14.08 KB, 341x213, image.jpg)

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Who are some good non-normalfag YouTubers? Vloggers, gamers, whatever
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Kek he went an hero for that icelandic skinny azn bitch Bjork who loved teh black cawk!


I just don't want channels like MrTechnicalDifficult where he's a full blown Chad with a wife


I'm mexican and I would be mad if my waifu was a race traitor.


there is this video game reviewer

he is honestly the best, he is might seem stiff or technical in his talk but I enjoy his videos very mych


Is he a robot?

File: 1405993677370.jpg (58.12 KB, 645x773, happy feel.jpg)

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Guys, I just found the best thing to do in the shower.

When you first get in you turn the temperature of the water just so that it's slightly too cold. As you clean yourself reguarly, your body will get used to the temperature and it will no longer feel too cold.
When this happens, turn the temperature down a little bit so that it's slightly too cold again. Keep doing this over and over; eventually the water will be very cold, and it will still feel comfortable! This lowers your core body temperature and creates a very relaxing effect. The only downside I've noticed so far is that my feet have a burning sensation in them for some reason after doing this, but it's probably just them adjusting to the relatively hot temperature of my room.


I always did this as a teen. In my mind it was some type of conditioning or training, don't really know what for, I was just a strange and edgy guy back then.

Never really felt a burning sensation though, I think that'd be hypothermia.


Taking cold baths gives me a sensation of power, but it's not cozy. Hot baths on the other hand…

It's funny how I don't even miss being online when I'm there.


File: 1405997579585.jpg (26.15 KB, 400x299, image.jpg)

>laying down in the tub dozing off while warm water showers over you

File: 1405961211298.jpg (77.5 KB, 590x300, the-venus-project.jpg)

 No.61176 [Reply]

What do you think about The Venus Project? Could wizards be at peace in this type of society?


>it was a flourishing post-scarcity society
>and then the boat people arrived
What will the Venus Project do about boat people?


I'm sure the few billionaires left alive who could afford to evade state euthanasia will enjoy it with their robot thralls.


The billionaires could not bare to exist in a world without people to oppress. It is not enough for them to hold wealth and power, they must have more than everyone else. If there were nobody else to be superior to then their worldview would collapse. If it were only a handful of billionaires left then they would turn on each other, as happened with the Russian oligarchs after perestroika. Of course, they will not allow it to come to that, because the oligarchs will always prefer to rule over a nation of pet humans.


It could never work with the kind of people that inhabit this planet. Consumerism/corporatism can't thrive in this type of society, and people have to have material possessions to validate their existence even if it means working 40+ hours only to come home and be too tired to enjoy their worldly possessions anyway. People crave to be led/enslaved and can't stand the idea of thinking for themselves or being self sufficient. As for your question, of course wizards would be at peace in this type of society as everything produced to survive would be sustainable which leaves people to do whatever they want with their time even if it means being a wizard shut-in.


I think their "perfect computer ruler" would get hacked by its caretakers after about 10 minutes, and the whole thing would become yet another dictatorship. A very wet dictatorship.

File: 1405369482232.png (94.08 KB, 414x201, skirt.png)

 No.60118 [Reply]

What's the last dream you had /wiz/? What do you think might have caused it?

>turned into a girl, Idol Pretender style

>at first not okay with it, but grow to love wearing cute skirts
>a bunch of stuff happens that I don't remember clearly, but it ends with my in-dream secret exposed and everyone disappointed and ignoring me
>wake up feeling bad man
A full hour after that, I had a weird feeling of disappointment at the fact that I'm the wrong gender to be wearing skirts. Oddly enough, I've never felt any urge to crossdress before then. Right now I only feel the tiniest urge, but an urge that I would only follow through if I looked passably feminine/cute (I don't).

As for why I think it happened, it's probably because I drank myself to sleep in celebration of Germany winning the world cup, and the last thing I was doing was catching up on Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches, which involves guys and girls switching bodies.
39 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>hardly ever have dreams
>wake up this morning and finally remember one
>I was arguing with a guy on Wizardchan

The dream was probably because I often get argumentative with wizards before going to bed.


>tfw far more assertive and confident in dreams without even knowing it's a dream

>talking to attractive girl and we start to connect

>eventually show her up to my bedroom
>she starts looking around at my books and random objects I've collected
>take seat on the bed
>she does too while still intrigued by room
>know that we enjoy each other's company and will soon be embracing each other and lovingly kissing on my bed
>feel like I'm finally going to get to the next chapter of my life that has evaded me for so long
>we look at each other and I'm about to tell her something
>wake up

I'm going to hire someone to fucking kill me while I'm asleep, I hate this entire existence. This is utter torture, we are the brainchildren of a disastrous accident and we suffer.


Last night I dreamt I was at someones house, I found a doll that also was a fleshlight. I went into a closet and fucked the doll but it only worked when it was on and it made noise. As soon as I fucked it I turned into joseph costello and started thinking about some guy. I came for no reason (no orgasm).. I'm straight. Then some succubus told me she saw me fuck the doll.


I dreamed of kissing a 30 year female coworker even though I'm well aware that she already has a boyfriend and an active sexual life.


I wake up in a makeshift hospital the Army made beneath the National Mall. Here, there are many wounded soldiers, body bags, and soldiers struggling to focus on work while the fighting ensues outside.

I pick up a scoped M14 EBR, an M16A4 w/ Red Dot Sight, a Desert Eagle, and an AT4. As I exit the bunker, the damaged Washington Monument can be seen as the war rages into the capital city of Washington D.C. I see Two M1A2 Abrams tanks, one far in front, the other with providing cover fire for the Rangers. However, when the Ranger squad moves up, both are destroyed by incoming Russian fire. I get knocked on my ass by the explosion.

We get up and advance along a road littered with dead soldiers. Evetything is noisy, surreal, vivid, slow motion. Eventually we reach the Department of Commerce, where enemy forces in the building bring us to to a halt. We engage in a murderous firefight, desperately calling for support. Finally an LAV is peeled from another mission to provide fire support.

My squad and I desperately try to hold off the enemy advance while waiting for armored support to arrive. I expend all of my M14 ammo providing over watch and charge my M4 and begin to spray and pray before we get overan by hostiles.

'Where in the fuck is our armor?' Some junior officer yells right before he gets several 7.62 rounds in his belly. I fire off a full mag in his killer's general direction.

"Last mag!" I yell out as I switch to semi-auto and try to take out as much of them as I can before I hear the ineveitable 'shunk' of an empty chamber. I drop the M4 and unholster the Desert Eagle.

"This is it" I yell out as I take slow, measured shots with the massive .50 AE pistol, vaporizing some poor assholes head before I feel painful, meaty thumps shatter my plate carrier.

I fall hard. Everything is blurry. I crawl to my forgotten AT4 and brace it against a concrete barricade and let fly a missle into the biggest concentration of enemy troops I see.
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File: 1405045849996.png (344.09 KB, 1279x713, 1404726979147.png)

 No.59354 [Reply]

Are you religious?
Today I went out for some groceries and girl(there was a guy with her but he remained silent) talked to me. Yeah she did.. to talk about Bible. I was paralyzed and almost said nothing.
She gave me some brochure about Jehovah's Witnesses.

What do you think?
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I remember reading a story on /fit/ similar to yours OP. The guy became obsessed with a Joehovah's Witness girl and faked being one just to get closer to her but it never worked. He spent a year trying to get closer to her. The part which stuck out most to me was when he admitted that he was one of the people telling other /fit/tards that "gettin a gurl iz ez brah, jus b urself".

I wish I saved the screencap. That was some good shit.


no, but I'm thinking about converting to Christianity. all the decent women out here are Christian.


The pure women are Shia, anon.


No but I'm fascinated with religions and its history.


I went to a pro life debate run by a religious organisation and myself and two guys leave the debate and a cute religious girl came over to us trying to convince us to stay, it was obviously a tactic to get the men to stay.

File: 1405980938789.jpg (232.46 KB, 900x899, 1390600194922.jpg)

 No.61215 [Reply]

Anyone ever moved from one country to another (I don't necessarily mean by yourself) i'm just wondering, is life really any different? Is it all just the same shit across the globe? Please share experiences.
pic unrelated


Of course it's different but depending on the countries involved it's not that different. People are people wherever you go. They're better or worse in different places but there's still that base level of shittiness inherent to people.


I moved (with parents) from eastern to northern Europe when I was 10. The people are very different, and the society is very leftist and feminised compared to EE. At best you can just collect your neetbux and be left alone. In rougher/poorer places it's much more difficult to be a wizard because everyone walks right over you and there's no help to be had from anywhere.

File: 1405750796570.jpg (6.44 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

 No.60777 [Reply]

Does anyone here think they are at least partially a psychopath?

I watched a video today and the majority of the items (minus superficial charm) were on them.
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Really enjoying his work. Thanks for turning me on to this.


>When you take away Vaknin's self made labels, he becomes just like anyone else

How the fuck would you know?


Psychopath doesn't know fear, shame and doesn't need love. Psychopath do what he wants. We are fucking losers, who hate everyone. That's it.


Except that he's got the mentality of an edgy kid.

Teenage mutant "sociopath".

Go fuck yourself.


>too stupid to understand the concepts
>calls him edgy


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