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>that feel when no girlfriend (ever)
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File: 1s5va9ex.wizardchan.loserbingo.jpg (173.84 KB, 962x793, loserbingo.jpg)

No. 85884 [Reply]

Feel free to get a bingo.
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>no idea what that is
So yes


File: 1s6t45vo.wizardchan.1380072220320.jpg (2.35 KB, 127x90, 1380072220320.jpg)

Nothing much,

I just wanted to ensure that I am the biggest loser among other losers.

I am the best at something at last.


File: 1s6yjutn.wizardchan.wiz.jpg (464.46 KB, 962x793, wiz.jpg)


File: 1s804rza.wizardchan.1397979610288.png (49.47 KB, 641x671, 1397979610288.png)

If you get a bingo you have to leave


File: 1s80597q.wizardchan.1s804rza.wizardchan.13979.png (63.01 KB, 641x671, 1s804rza.wizardchan.1397979610…)


Fuck anime and Japan.

File: 1s803nff.wizardchan.1366518414176.gif (6.98 KB, 395x296, 1366518414176.gif)

No. 88888 [Reply]



File: 1s8042kd.wizardchan.T999.png (233.63 KB, 793x515, T999.png)

No. 88889 [Reply]

Saw my older sister for the first time in about a year.

My mom asked her why she still wears her wedding band even though she's been divorced for over 5 years. She said it's to scare off men who might try to hit on her.

She's 34 years old, really fat and has two kids and she gets so much attention from men that she has to take measures to keep them away.

She also went on about how so many guys at the office hit on her. She said there are TWO guys she's "dating" a 21 year old student in uni and a 40 year old lawyer. She complained about how neither one of them are up to her standards because the 40 year old guy is "too old" and the 21 year old only works part time.

I have met a bunch of guys she dated and all of them were tall, in good shape and at least somewhat handsome.

It enrages me because I'm more attractive than her even though I'm below average and I have a better personality than her even though I'm not really a good person. She's probably over 250 pounds at this point, she has cheated on boyfriends before and she constantly lies for sympathy to get people she doesn't like in trouble or to ruin their reputation.

And don't tell me I'm a horrible person for talking about my sister like this. I'm not going to pretend someone isn't a bitchy slutty sociopath just because I happen to be related to them by blood. Fuck this "blood is thicker than water" bullshit.

File: 1s7u1kb3.wizardchan.images.jpeg (7.39 KB, 256x197, images.jpeg)

No. 88691 [Reply]

>tfw buried penis

I can even fap and when i do i dont enjoy it i just cum some drops and that all, i have to urinate sit down, and i feel fucking ridiculous when i see myself naked.

So what is worth living for?
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Not OP, but it's way harder for us to go on a diet than most people.

For many of us, food is one of the only pleasures we have in life. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and mastrubation time may be the only times of day a person looks forward to.

For normalfags, food is a very insignificant compared to the other pleasures in their lives. Normalfags have a large group of male and female friends they can socialize with to keep their mind off of eating junk food. The thought of food doesn't linger in their minds the same way it does for a person who is alone.

Most importantly, when normalfags diet, they can FEEL the impact it has on their lives. They will hear people compliment them. They will notice girls are more attracted to them. For a normalfag, it is a realistic possibility that his dieting/exercising will cause women to have sex with him.

To a person without friends, dieting may triple his possibility of women being attracted to him, but it brings him from having a 10% chance of getting a gf in the next 20 years to a 30% chance of getting a gf in the next 20 years. You have to have blind faith for a long period of time that your dieting isn't all for nothing, and that is an extremely difficult thing to do.


I think you are looking about it incorrectly. You can truly enjoy healthier foods on the same level as you enjoy unhealthy foods. Actually, eating tiny portions of unhealthy foods that you love makes it far more of an intense taste sensation. Again, as said, healthier foods have their own rich, distinct flavors that are wonderful to really savor; you just may not be used to it because of all the salt/sugar you consume.

Plus eating healthy just makes you feel better. It makes such an incredible difference in how I feel day to day, and I say this as someone who generally eats healthy (though yes, I realize it can be very difficult and time consuming). The last two don't bother me too much, as obviously I don't have much to do in life anyway. Food and cooking can become a nice hobby that's away from the computer.

Also, sorry, I don't quite understand, is your penis very tiny or something?


No. It's pretty obvious that he's talking about food addiction - the fattening carbohydrates, sugar, grease that gives you a certain pleasure - caused by depression/loneliness.

You must replace an addiction with another, like starting to associate hunger with good feelings (it's possible check out some pro-anorexic forums).

Smoking tobacco could be a good one, but may be unpleasant at first. Smoking weed might be a viable alternative to eating as well. People talk about "munchies" but that's overblown and mostly perpetuates itself due to expectations.

Lastly, certain exercise might be a good addictive replacement, but will be hell on your joints when you're fat. Possibly the best solution is to get obsessed with something to the point you forget to eat.



Ever consider having your mouth wired shut? I broke my jaw a few months ago and had my mouth wired shut for two months and lost a shit ton of weight on a liquid diet. It was actually kind of fun rethinking all of your eating habits, because you had to consciously choose every single meal, as well as since eating is a pain you eat less.


>tfw I wish I could stop fapping because now I'm watching deepthroat videos and imagining sucking cock and finding traps more attractive

Get me off this Jewish ride wizards!

File: 1s7vo6fk.wizardchan.1369514324706.png (6.4 KB, 443x376, 1369514324706.png)

No. 88734 [Reply]

How can I tell my mother that I don't want to celebrate my birthday and that I don't want any gifts? It's one of the most depressing days in the whole year for me.
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I just keep erupting with outrage every year until it becomes too much of a nuissance for everyone to even mention my borthday to me.


File: 1s7ymkp6.wizardchan.1373082829227.png (19.96 KB, 500x500, 1373082829227.png)

I need to get my dad to stop this too. He even still gets birthday cakes and shit. It's not depressing, just a bother.

I think I'm gonna tell him just to get me a case of beer because if I just tell him "I don't want anything" he'll just get me something anyhow.


That thing when I've probably slept over last 3 of my birthdays.


I has some cake with my pretend friend once for her birthday. I will do it this year too. My family never really celebrated my birthday or Christmas or anything like that. Pretty much all my holidays were spend at one of my family member house feeling like shit while my father got wasted.

This could be a good idea or possibly as for a nice home meal?


File: 1s7zy88f.wizardchan.1369376974369.jpg (103.8 KB, 414x376, 1369376974369.jpg)

>tfw 22 years old KV who's still living at home
>tfw birthday
>tfw mother decorated the kitchen with balloons, garlands and some other shit
>tfw on the kitchen table are several gifts and a large birthday cake
>tfw my mother hugged me and wished me a happy birthday and a nice day

File: 1s7jckk5.wizardchan.sigh.png (92.78 KB, 505x379, sigh.png)

No. 88293 [Reply]

d-do you think there are people who used to go on wizardchan but got a gf/got laid and just stopped coming here? I mean, I think if that happened to me NO WAY would I come back here and gloat about it, I probably would just stop feeling the need to come to this site. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is inevitable to happen to us, but I have to imagine atleast a couple people were posters here but "graduated" so to speak and never came back. Maybe it's just 1 or 2 percent of the posters this happens to but I wonder how much its happened. I mean this had to happened to SOMEONE by now, just statistically speaking it seems likely. We won't be able to know because odds are they don't come back… maybe they just lurk and not post. What would you do hypothetically if something happened that made it so you would get banned for posting here? I think if I made it to the other side(I doubt this will happen soon or ever but hypothetically) I probably wouldn't be one of those guys who makes fun of virgins online or laughs at popular cultures depiction of them. Probably would still be empathetic to yall cause I know how it feels seeing as I made it all the way to my early 20s as a wizard

dumb post i guess but whatever
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I dont even know if this is irony.




File: 1s7zp6fm.wizardchan.ragefeel.png (45.56 KB, 400x486, ragefeel.png)

>In this day and age, it's extremely dangerous for an unattractive man to even try. Even if you give a girl flowers she can sue you for sexual harrasment because truth does not matter anymore. Women's feelings are the law now. If you hurt a woman's feelings, you lose your job or end up in jail.

This one is particularly painful and infuriating because I remember all those times that I would ask for advice and normalfags would just say,
>"it's simple jus talk to her bro"
>"jus b confident!"
>"you dont know if youll embarrass yourself, youll never know unless u try~"

Filthy fucking disgusting normalfag lies.

There are a handful of times in my life when I faced my fears to try to approach girls because normalfags convinced me that facing my fears was all I had to do to get a >gf. I lived my life in isolation and never had friends so I lived in my own closed-off world and didn't have the self-awareness to realize that I had absolutely nothing to offer and that it wouldn't make sense for any femalewhore to date me over the likes of Chad just because I had the determination to force myself to ask despite being red and sweating and knees shaking and voice trembling. I thought conquering my anxiety would be the only obstacle. Little did I know, my social anxiety and fear of people were ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG as far as obstacles that prevent me from ever getting a >gf.
Those fucking normalfags and their normalfag advice only encouraged me to PUBLICLY HUMILIATE MYSELF and become the new laughingstock that everybody would talk about. "hey did you hear? QUIET LONER GUY tried to ASK OUT A GIRL! HAHAHA her boyfriend is CHAD, why would Quiet Guy even think that she would want a CREEPY UGLY LONER like him, hopefully he doesn't bring a gun and kill everybody because he got rejected, he looks like one of those creepy psycho shooters, maybe Chad should beat him up so he thinks twice…"


Anyone who wants to get a gf and get laid is a normalfag at heart and does not belong here. Those who lament their virginity instead of embrace it should go back to /r9k/.



Or you could go to /wiz/ and avoid the subject entirely.

File: 1s7xl5vi.wizardchan.Jellyfish.jpg (757.52 KB, 1024x768, Jellyfish.jpg)

No. 88798 [Reply]

I met this guy through the Internet (no homo), and I've known him for 14, coming on 15 years, and I thought he was a kindred spirit– a wizard nerdy type, but apparently he's just the same old normalshit person you encounter everyday.

He friggin' ate out some girl right in front of me. Normies are so animalistic and sex-obsessed.

How do I deal with this? Inviting this person to my place in a different state, to become roommates, only to discover I utterly am unlike him and I don't like him at all.

In fact, I had to lie to get him to move into a family member's house to keep my sanity.

But I just want him out of my life completely. Should I just tell him?
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Stop talking to him immediately. Don't reply to his emails or messages. Remove him from all contact lists. Ignore him completely, you will be doing yourself a great service. Doing this, it won't take long before he loses all interest in you, and you're replaced by someone else. He doesn't enjoy your company because of who you are, he enjoys your company because of how you make him feel. Should you choose to keep contact with him, he will eventually stop talking to you as you get older.

Normalfags are very good at reflecting the feels/beliefs of another person right back at them. This probably explains why you thought he was a kindred spirit, he was just immitating what he saw in you to fill his own need for interaction and to keep you placated. There is no doubt he's caught onto the fact that you're not like him, this likely serves to make him feel even better. Not only can he feel superior to you inflating his own sense of self worth, he might also think he's doing you a favor by hanging out with you thinking it's an act of altruism, making him feel like a good person.

Keep in mind that normalfags lie all the time, they're forever manipulating the environment around them. It's all about how they feel, every relationship, every act, it all comes back to making them feel good in one way or another. Don't be fooled.


Let him teach you


This is absurd. Either you're being ironic or you're extremely naive. You can't teach someone to be a normalfag. You either are or you aren't.



unfortunately, he's been living with my uncle & mom whom im fairly close with. any strategies to get him to move back to him home state.

unfortunately, he says he likes this state and wants to stay here :(((


>He friggin' ate out some girl right in front of me. Normies are so animalistic and sex-obsessed.

So you have now seen a vagina in real life?

I think that might make you normalfag now. I am already beginning to Feel a sense of disgust against you, as though you are boasting.

Don't touch me. Normalfags are a disease. Perhaps it is best that you go back to /r9k/…

File: 1s7f17l1.wizardchan.1389003544079.png (294.12 KB, 400x378, 1389003544079.png)

No. 88061 [Reply]


I think I'm in love.

With a 3DPD girl.

The last week a girl was enrolled in my school.

She is very kind with everyone (me included) and she is just too cute (and not in the "whore" way)

I know that I don't stand a chance,I'm not asking for dating advice or something.

Instead I'm asking you if you ever felt these feels.

And how to repress them…for my own good.
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>not only me live of fantasy and dreams

Feels, i am home ;__;


File: 1s7x3atp.wizardchan.hjhhkh.jpg (212.23 KB, 645x773, hjhhkh.jpg)

>enrolled in my school

I thought this place was for wizards, not 14yo virgins.


>hurr school system is everywhere the same durr



school often means university as well as highschool


File: 1s7zkben.wizardchan.bedfrogb.png (12.77 KB, 684x576, bedfrogb.png)


Same, every time I fantasize about having a >gf, it's always the same teenage girl from high school who was so little cute and petite, she was 15 years old but looked like she was 12 and it made me so strongly attracted to her because I am attracted to "cute" girls. I was 21. She was the first girl I ever tried to talk to; I forced myself through my fears just to make an attempt, unfortunately conquering my fears wasn't the only obstacle, as I immediately realized I was too socially incompetent to have anything to talk about with her. I'm sure she thought I was a creepy loser…

Even though I never truly met her, she was so cute from what little I know of her, and I still fantasize about her as the ideal >gf to this day. I'm 26 now.

She probably went on to begin to live a successful fulfilling life with a boyfriend her own age, probably some Chad.
I will never see her again, and I will die alone and unloved. I think about this almost every single night before I sleep.

File: 1s7xgub3.wizardchan.1397889775840.png (109.91 KB, 500x358, 1397889775840.png)

No. 88791 [Reply]

Anyone else have the feel of being born in the wrong century?

I feel like i don't belong in this time at all, it's like i was born somewhere in the past and suddenly someone sent me deep into the future.

Sometimes i wish i was born in medieval times. Sure, my life would consist of more physical suffering and it would be much shorter, but at least i would feel attached to my society, and i would have something to believe in and base my life on.
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Does he have a job? If so, fuck him and his smugass face.


File: 1s7z76u3.wizardchan.3dpd not even once.png (729.38 KB, 1319x1164, 3dpd not even once.png)

You know, if it helps ease your pain, things actually did not end well between him and the fatty succubus.

She got what she wanted, and that was his and other apprentice's mana. After that, she showed her true and demonic form to them.

Even as we speak, the cripple probably still regrets his decision. He fell from this place all for the sake of some crazy ass pussay.


>Chad Thunderwheels


>Does he have a job

I remember right he is sometype of software engineer. Made some knock-off image-board that he actually puts on his resume, lel.


Was that 8chan.co?

File: 1s7zd48u.wizardchan.rushmore.jpg (440.57 KB, 3072x2048, rushmore.jpg)

No. 88877 [Reply]

tfw meaningless life



File: 1s7uxjdn.wizardchan.1397828798119.jpg (164.89 KB, 733x577, 1397828798119.jpg)

No. 88707 [Reply]

>you need 4 years experience and a bachelors to get a job that pays 9 - 11$ an hour
>tfw you don't even have a college degree

Is there no fucking hope?
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Cryptography and cryptoanalysis/Information security


How do I make my computer safe from Google/NSA/Illuminati?


Well, 100% protection does not exist. There's always a chance of losing information due to the fact that you never know about what happens on your internet provider's side. You should use complete encryption of traffic and any kind of important data on your HDD, use protected protocols. There're basic security rules and the're countless. If we're talking about net security - using vpns/proxys, never allowing JS, never using/installing social shit, never using any kind of big corporate software (like skype), never using a password or a login twice, never connecting your accounts in any way, never giving away any personal data (including phone number or voice), always deleting temporary data with multiple overwriting, never getting viruses and so on - as I said, they're countless. But even if you do EVERYTHING, even if you use the best cyphers that cannot be broken and the most protected protocols - there's still a possibility of security breach. It all comes down to how much money your opponent if ready to spend. There're many other things that they can use with good equipment - like TEMPEST threats (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempest_%28codename%29) that allow to get all data that is being processed on your PC and all data from your monitor from hundreds of meters away.
And, since you're not some corporation or bank, you won't have enough money for protection (and some specific protection or even data encryption are illegal in some countries). So the only way to be safe is not to draw any attention. The best way is to have two different PC's, one for "normal" stuff with all this corporate spyware installed and the second one with all security measures and with complete minimum of software. The second PC should contain minimum of dangerous information and should be cleaned properly, also you should always have some reliable way of getting rid of it, or at least getting rid of information on it.


Telemarketer, I'm going to sell security systems for residential homes, I'll make $30 on each sale plus my base salary.


If you can handle the work general labor jobs and landscaping arn't that bad.

My brother makes $14/hr moving boxes around with a forklift, no college or high school diploma

File: 1s7ppof5.wizardchan.fc4.jpg (165.64 KB, 921x800, fc4.jpg)

No. 88488 [Reply]

>mfw there are normalfags that are suffering while I write this.

>mfw there are whores who are married to abusive and alcoholic man.

>mfw there are normalfags with gf's and wives that cheat on them
>mfw there are normies in prison right now
>mfw there are normalfags that are drug addicts or alcoholics.
>mfw there are normie teenagers that are pregnant and had to drop HS
>mfw some normie teenager is being raped right now or suffering because his dad slaps the shit out of her/him while drunk.
>mfw there are normies (and even chads) who died of cancer or AIDS tonight.

>mfw while I'm a KV the bigger problem that I have is that I need to buy a new monitor….

Sleep well /v9k/ we are actually the ones with the least painful lives.
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This actually is the only thing that gives me self-steem. When I see my meager accomplishments I think, well at least I'm not an addict, at least I never knocked up anybody, at least I'm not in prison


>not using mobile versions of sites for their lightweight nature
>not browsing on a smartphone while cozy in bed
how do you even live with yourselves


Not all of us have it that good. Some of us are poor and have families who abuse us and are disappointed in us.



The original list provided by OP is stupid. Half the shit there isn't at all exclusive to normalfags. I can't even fathom how he could have made such a stupid and non-sensical post.

>sleep well /v9k/ we are actually the ones with the least painful lives.

Where do you even get this shit from? I don't even know where to start.

If you're unable to find meaning and contentment in life, as is the case for so many here on wizardchan, that in itself will bring about depression which is tremendously painful. What decides how painful something is is the subjective experience of the person involved, so you can't say that any of those things is more painful than what a lot of people on /v9k/ have to live with. The good feels from being a normalfag will more often than not far outweigh any pain that may be incurred as a result of being a normalfag. This is pretty self-evident when you consider that they have a choice as to whether or not they engage in a normalfag life, and yet the overwhelming majority still do. This probably has something to do with the fact that you're using exceptions to prove the rule. Just because a minority of normalfags have to deal with problems that we won't ever have to deal with, doesn't mean our lives are any less painful.

We also miss out on most everything else that is related to normalfag life, many of the things that make life worth living. Yes, we are removed from having to contend with any potential problems or pain that may be brought about as a result of being in a relationship, but that is all, and i fail to see how that demonstrates that "we are actually the ones with the least painful lives". You wrongfully assume that pain is brought about as a result of an external experience, when it is equally true that pain can be brought about in the absence of an experience. Putting someone into solitary confinement is a form of punishment, and sensory deprivation is sometimes used as a form of torture, and these are good examples.

I'd like to sleep well but i can't. I wake up more times each night than what i can count and can't get back to sleep again. I'm lucky if i can manage 4hr. You should spend a little more time lurking before telling /v9k/ that our lives are less painful than those of normalfags. You probably belong on /wiz/


And yet the misfortune of others doesn't lift my spirits..

File: 1s7z7kjm.wizardchan.what.png (195.26 KB, 640x480, what.png)

No. 88871 [Reply]

I'm a NEET virgin like most guys here except usually I'm pretty level headed, but sometimes I reach this very specific level of depression where I'm not only sad but also extremely bitter. I gotta say its the worse kind of depression, because now ugly things make me mad, but beautiful things make me even madder.

File: 1s7wtti8.wizardchan.1345606456713.gif (13.48 KB, 633x758, 1345606456713.gif)

No. 88755 [Reply]

I have a babyface. I'm turning 21 in about 5 months but apparently look like I'm 17 or 16.
It never hit me until now, but alas I truly see. I look at all the people my age and their faces are more chiseled and overall they look older.
I think this is why no one takes me seriously either, no one can take a chubby faced 20 year old seriously.

Can anyone relate?
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Be my gf.


I know that feel

I like to think that having a babyface, in theory, is a good thing. Reason being young girls will be attracted to me (no pedo).

But I am a part of this board, so of course it doesn't matter. No gf in sight anytime soon.


I look older than 25. My brow is furrowed, there are lines in my forehead, my eyes look constantly tired and old, and occasionally I have found stray gray hairs in my beard. Also my hairline is ever so slowlu receding. I haven't been carded buying booze for a few years now. Sometimes I didn't even get carded at 19 (the legal age here).


she is mine, back off!


Y-you could be my bf if you want to, I have been mistaken for a g-girl a few times…

File: 1s7tb8vs.wizardchan.image.jpg (27.1 KB, 296x200, image.jpg)

No. 88653 [Reply]

>tfw even wanting to go to the local museum to see Tibetan monks preform and make art feels like a huge-ass financial challenge. What with your parents (especially your dad) being all silent as shit and greatly uncertain about it.
>tfw too poor to go out or enjoy shit normalfags get to do.
>tfw probably end up spending another Saturday as a neet and pseudo-hikki.

I mean, my dad called the museum about when the event will start (he left a message since they're closed, atm) but I felt as though the sudden announcement and the admittance fee to the show ($28) definitely startled him. At that time, I felt like wanting to hit myself in the head multiple times as punishment for even bringing up the idea of wasting cash on some pointless event that I could get off the good ol' Internet for free. (Inb4 "LAWL SELF-HARM IZ BAD!" Yeah, I know. I'm just simply stating a feeling I had).

I'm seriously hoping I get that one job quickly. I can't stand not having any cash to enjoy the things I'm interested in or am a fan of.
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She delivered flyers (was paid under the table by the guy actually hired to do it) and did chores for neighbours and stuff. She was in hockey, which was super expensive. I did some flyer work too as a kid.


I was hoping it was prostitution like in my Chinese doujins or something.



That kind of stuff pisses me off so bad. My parents have refused to give me a single dollar for anything since I turned 18 years ago. They talk like they're broke as shit but at the same time they buy brand new luxury every other year and spend thousands of dollars on vacations every summer, among other things. It's ridiculous. My computer hasn't had sound for the past 6 months because my headphones broke and I can't afford new ones, even the $15 pieces of shit that hurt your ears. Meanwhile they're spending ten times that much to eat out every week. I guess it's just that capitalist brainwashing and shitty babyboomer mentality at work. They'll die in a decade or two after ruining the country and living a life of luxury and leave the rest of us to fucking suffer.


*brand new luxury cars


File: 1s7y6doz.wizardchan.image.jpg (84.5 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)


For me, it's just that not doing anything would result in tons of missed opportunity and experiences. If I just decided to give up on finding a job or even looking for some way to advance my skills as a pseudo-artist, I'll end up going psychotic from the never-ending cycle of relying on my parents for food and stuff while I'm stuck in the house doing the same damn thing. I don't want to end up in a situation where I have to work or something when my parents either end up in a nursing home or die. I want to do all of that before.

The reason why I'm so negative about extreme escapism is I because it really is like running away. For me to just give up means sacrificing a life where I'm more independent and at least a bit happier to spend that cash on whatever. I won't have to worry about "OH WE CANT DO THAT CAUSE WE'RE POORFAGS" or "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DOTHAT. THATS A TON OF MONEY." No longer second-guessing my decision to order a M&M McFlurry. It'll mean I'm able to actually save enough on a new computer or something. That and I'd also have enough to go around places and contribute to the local economy. I won't feel as guilty for the fact that I dont have a job.

I've thought about maybe getting autismbux but I know that in order to get it, I would need to not get a job. Maybe it would be more worth it if I'm able to get more monthly than if I got a minimum wage job. I'm not as positive about doing this since there's the whole "goddamn lazy millennial NEET taking away taxpayer's money. But hey, at least I'm able to maybe use it on the economy or use it to hang out with aquantinces or something. Hell, I could even spend that money on a few silver so in case something happens, I can at least sell those and get some cash.

Yeah, it doesn't help that I have asthma/allergies/eczema involved, as well. That and being paranoid about the future of the world economy. That and wanting to borrow some prepper strategies.

>tfw no one questions you for mentioning fapping to big fat ponies

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