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>that feel when no girlfriend (ever)
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File: 1411273287882.jpg (23.53 KB, 400x326, 1384ab2.jpg)

 No.152134 [Reply]

>be very handsome fit 9/10 man
>but 25y/o virgin with no friends because of social anxiety and isolation
>almost never leave my house
>NEET for 6 years

you all say you need looks to get laid and have friends but that is so not true.
What now? Just admit that you were wrong and apologise.
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> due to your own cowardice, you've obviously wasted all of your opportunities meanwhile, we never had them to begin with.

To be fair, i think everyone here has the same cowardice as OP, What the norms and succubi look out there is not really the looks, or mainly the looks, it's the ability to make them have fun, that's all the normies care about. Don't think you're excused to be a wizard because you're ugly, the main social crippling factor is common for all of us. Having good looks only helps when starting to meet someone, but that can be overlooked if you have a charming personality.


I think you make a solid point. But for the longest time, the reason I've had a problem with threads like this is that it's not really worth complaining about.
It's why I never felt like other virgins I've seen on 4chad and various sites. If you're not actually gonna go out there and try to get a succubus, you have nothing to complain about, or really shouldn't be complaining about it.

Sure talking to other people is uncomfortable, but that doesn't stop your typical nerds from getting gfs. You can't even consider yourself in a certain criteria if you've never tried it. If anything OP could've just made a thread complaining of any possible anxiety or laziness in regards to bettering himself. Instead he made he chose to announce that he's a Chad but doesn't have a gf because he never looked for one, and does this while alluding to the fact he wants one.


I guess you're right. The difference between us and OP is that he's a failed normie for wanting to have relationships.


>You can't even consider yourself *a failure* in a certain criteria if you've never tried it
Fucking typos


File: 1411278617540.jpg (19.32 KB, 640x480, 1seywdhm.wizardchan.bodysnatch…)

"just go out there jus b urself :]"

File: 1411277724751.jpg (88.1 KB, 500x484, 1405450642094.jpg)

 No.152167 [Reply]

So I finally got a job after three months of looking and it's at a restaurant as a cook. It's horrible. I'm constantly forced to engage in small talk with all the other cooks and it always turns out something like
>"so how do you like it here so far?"
>"o-o-oh uhh.. haha y-y-yeah i like it…haha…"
> …
>"..you don't talk much do you? Are you just really serious? Do you just not talk a lot?"
>"oh uh haha yeah..i guess i'm kinda serious..ha.."
God it's terrible, I can't help but involuntarily stutter and get really nervous every time someone tries to talk to me. Almost everyone who works there has already asked me why don't I talk at some point and my boss even had to go as far as to explain to everyone that I'm just really serious and I don't like conversating with others, since he seems to understand that I'm just not the talking type. Never work at a restaurant it's not a job for wizards


Wage slavery is true hell. Good thing you have a boss that looks out for you.

When I worked as a bakery clerk my boss mentioned that our morning baker is an autist and that is why doesn't talk. Nobody ever bothered him and he'd just stay in back and do his thing.
It might just be better to not play along with the small talk, maybe they'll leave you alone and give up on it.

File: 1411161453293.jpg (31.87 KB, 563x699, 48f0b2dae71f3[1].jpg)

 No.151604 [Reply]

Buying an island for wizards would be an interesting feat to accomplish. It would demand very specific requirements in order to be a "wizard paradise".

1) Population. Considering that an average of 1,200 unique individuals browse wizardchan regularly, we would need to consider calorie intake and living space. Single room occupancy (SRO) legal guidelines say one individual is mandated 110sqft of floor space; this means, to "legally" (comfortably) house all of our wizards, we'd need a bit over 3 acres of land (provided we don't make it multi-level housing), not including the amount of space walls would take. Imagine one city block in Houston, Texas; that would be the total space required to house everyone on one floor.

2) Food. We want to isolate ourselves from the evils of the world. This means we'd need to produce our own food. Forcing people to garden and work daily would mean everyone is burning an average of 4750 calories PER PERSON DAILY. Seems like a lot, doesn't it? Even if the fatties decided to cut their intake by 500, it's still a large amount, with a total of 5,700,000 calories needing to be produced by our society daily just to meet that amount. Businesses say that "about one acre" is enough land to feed a person, but "about one acre" produces "about 2700 calories" daily. This means that each individual actually requires "about one and three-fourth acres" to sustain themselves daily; for 1200 people, 2,110 acres total.

(So far, we've needed 2,115 acres of land, rounding up.)

3) Power. We need electricity to supply all our NEETneeds. I'll be honest, I'm all for renewable energy on our private island – the less burnable fuel needed to be imported, the better. Hydroelectricty and solar energy are probably out of the question, as we'd lack the tools to support and construct dams, and living in an area where we can get massive bonuses from solar energy is not conducive to the sweaty wizard. Wind, biomass, and even osmosis power sources seem far more valuable. Finland's 125MW biomass station is about 450 acres of land; Indonesia's 227MW geothermal station is about 60 acres; Spain's 0.3MW wave farm is about 92 acres; and the US' 662.5MW onshore wind farm is about 4 acres (I shit you not). If we could harness the preferred wind energy on just 4 acres of land, we'd hit a goldmine of power.

(So far, we've needed 2120 acres of land, rounded up.)

4) Cost. How much does this Wizard Paradise cost? I Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> Seems like a lot, doesn't it?
No, it's not. A single gram of fat has 9.4 kilocalories, that means 9,400 calories. You could feed a person for 2 days using just one gram of fat.

Fucking shitheads always ruin measure units.



That's harsh for criticizing the use of American colloquial "calorie" instead of "kilocalorie". Not all of us are part of your shitty European Union, Anon.


>american colloquial
There's your problem. What's next, you're telling us we're X feet and Y toes tall? That you will kill yourself in a bridge that's Z sticks long? I'm not even European, i'm a third worlder spic actually, it's just that i'm not an uneducated 'murritard.


File: 1411275202968.jpg (117.36 KB, 960x720, sensible chuckle.jpg)


>being this upset over the American-slang English language

>on an American board

I also call it "aluminum".


Don't piss me off much more.

File: 1411257094709.jpg (45.14 KB, 625x841, ByAz3pwCAAAN6ZO.jpg)

 No.152068 [Reply]

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It implies that depression isn't a legitimate physical and neurological issue. Feeling "low" isn't a fucking medical condition. Barring the case of certain life-events (for some reason, the death of a loved one or a reasonably 'severe' event is clinically recognized), getting up on the wrong side of the bed doesn't equate to the motherfuckers who literally feel like jumping off of a bridge would be better than dealing with the constant physical and traumatic despair of their condition. It is going to be clinically and politically difficult to distinguish between being a bitch and having depression. The same goes for the dirtbags who have "social anxiety," and go to parties and shit. Pharmaceutical companies have a negative influence as well.

People with mental issues are some of society's most vulnerable and most dismissed class. The last thing they need are some whiny, soft, white, entitled, fucks diluting their unfortunate horrors.


Does this read like dyslexia to anyone else?


fucking tumblr cunts, what could you expect


I want to hide the pic. Why can't i hide the pic?

Why does this feel like OP is forcing this feminist shit on us? You should have at least spoilered the pic. This feels like suffering.



File: 1410828856433.gif (2.5 MB, 477x352, 1409007839071.gif)

 No.149921 [Reply]

When did you realize you were ugly
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Even the ugliest girls can get a guy easier than a beuatiful man.

Look at zoe quinn


>wasting all this money on wanting to get a gf
Normie please leave.


Just kill yourself


Normie alert. Fucking otoplasty? You kidding…most likely you have recessed facial bones, low t, and are out of shape if you are a low tier male. It's not complicated.

Plastic surgery is a joke and a scam. If you want pussy, you need to work even harder than you already are at being a normie. You need to get fit and wear some retarded spikey haircut with nice clothes. If you do all this, then you can get laid. Only problem is, if you belong here, then that won't be worth it to you or feasible.


8th grade when people started passing my picture around

File: 1411250859405.jpg (8.8 KB, 205x246, 137158326650.jpg)

 No.152030 [Reply]

This month I HAVE to find a job.
The worst thing is that you have to spend 8 fucking hours in there. Why it have to be 8 hours of my daily slavery? Why couldn't it be 6?
I can envision myself being tired rest of the day after getting back home. And all of it 5 days a week.
I have shitty education so only lowest tier job is viable for me. I was NEET for nearly year, even during my education didn't made a shit. It will be hard beginning of the new routine in my life.
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get shorter hours
hell I'm having trouble finding a full-time job at all


> I was NEET for nearly year

That's nothing. You can easily tell them some shit and fix your CV.

Try being NEET for 5 years and get a job


File: 1411258407442.jpg (71.13 KB, 707x743, 1408596797655.jpg)

>NEET since high school
>uncle offers me a job at his company where i basically answer emails from the general company mailbox all day or forward them to the correct people
>get nervous, dont want to let my uncle down and fail
>decline an easy job with no human interaction for no reason
>i am still regretting it 4months later
why am i such a fucking idiot all the time. every decision or feeling always wrong


Why not ask your uncle for the job?



working full time wage slave isn't ideal but there are things you can do to minimize the pain.

if possible live as close as possible to work. If you don't have a commute you save so much time. Honestly the time between 5 till bed at midnight or so lasts forever if you have no other commitments, aka everyone on /v9k/, that doesn't mean work doesn't suck but you you'll still have a lot of you time.

acclimate your body to sleeping 7 hours a night, this also saves a lot of time. I wish I was the sort of person that comfortably slept 8 hours, but I just can't so I don't even bother going to sleep till 1, and try and catch up on the weekends.

And finally, reevaluate your finances. Honestly, if you are living true wizard lifestyle you don't need to be working 40 hours a week to get by. You won't be saving for a mortgage or much for retirement, but to live comfortably, i.e. have internet and food and little else, you don't have to commit to 40 hrs a week, especially if you can get SNAP, which isn't hard, or other assistance.

Good luck anon, it's a hard, but inevitable road.

File: 1411257162272.jpg (80.44 KB, 733x549, ucam.jpg)

 No.152070 [Reply]

>2 weeks of NoFap
>accidently touch my penis while sitting in mcdonalds
>shit feels so good for no reason
>start remembering the mind blowing highs i got after fapping to some big ass
>it's getting out of control
HELP ME!!! *cries sobbing in the corner*
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Go back to reddit for fucks sake.


File: 1411265964750.jpg (827.36 KB, 1104x1539, Seppuku-2.jpg)

i have failed dishonourably… it is time reclaim my honour.


Fap. Nobody's looking. God has forsaken you. :)






work on beating it without blowing your load in 5 seconds dumb shit. Or take drugs to do that.

>beat off 1-2 times a day

>15-30 min
>expel gallons of cream

File: 1410072169724.jpg (60.23 KB, 966x287, image.jpg)

 No.145122 [Reply]

A chad ruined my day

>Coming back from the gym

>This gigantic 7' Chad locks onto me from a distanc
>Guy looks about 30 something
>Says hey, hows it going
>oh shit
>Good I say
>he's giving me crazy eyes
>So is the gym open?
>then extends his hand
>whats your name
>give him a fake name while shaking his hand
>he snickers at my grip
>well actually you're a little late
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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reading this thread has made me entirely empathic for those who weren't blessed with large framed Nordic bodies capable of growing facial hair. being this way stops any and everybody from even looking my way in public, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I feel for you, smallbros.


dude…i'm not saying you're a normie, but you need to leave..maybe go back to /r9k/ or reddit


File: 1411265733650.jpg (149.32 KB, 752x938, I want YOU.jpg)

I think you've come to the wrong place Norm


This. "Haha i have social anxiety but im not a TOTAL loser hehe" fags are the worse, I bet they're succubi.


Normies and chads always fuck with me. I cant stand it. I'm fucking 24 and i never got belittled this badly in high school. I am pretty charismatic and a genuine fella but it never works with chads. I just feel this powerful vacuum draning my energy and their hate coursing through me. The whispered insults, the patronizing, the while time your smile becomes just having your teeth bare.

God damn, I dont get it. So many different types of normies have
fucked with me in insane ways that i feel as if this just life, the pecking order. Seriously even in stores when i ask a female coworker hows her day they always look at me with revulsion, snickers start up behind me when i walk past a crowd of people, people always interrupt or try to contradict me, people think im stupid…

Oh god, the horrors that when i still had friends they would drag me to a show or party. Then get singled out, ridiculed, be filmed and uploaded on the net of peopls firing fireworks at you, being sat on by an cditically obese feminazi who gets the whole party to chant pussy at me. All this happened years after high school, btw.

I wish i was making shit up. Last night was another night if meeting a stranger and then feeling so worthfulless and the ultumate realization is i got to realize chads and normies will do this to me forever. No matter how buff, kind and genuine to then,

We live in an age that does nothing short but says its okay to be a malignant narcissist with no sense of honour or any true value to another human being.

We need another plagye.

File: 1411098555630.jpg (72.06 KB, 837x736, 1383796206693.jpg)

 No.151300 [Reply]

>find myself wondering how my life would change if I got a job
>would have money to buy stuff
>think about a cool mechanical pencil I could buy
>realize my life has come down to caring about buying slight improvements to unimportant tools/untensils

Man none of that shit matters. Watching anime doesn't fucking matter. Playing a videogame doesn't fucking matter. Being a worker drone doesn't fucking matter.

What does matter nowadays? Nothing really. I wish I could hide in a tree and wait for a deer to pass by, then jump down onto its back and wrestle it to death. That sounds interesting and fulfilling.

Man this life seems so fucking pointless.
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I just came across this neato site about "What's so bad about technology?"


Also addresses the fact it's anti-tech but using a website.


I dunno man, mom and dad aren't going to live forever. I can try my damnedest to get NEETbux but I'm not sure how easy or reliable of a plan that'll be. There's government programs out there for the non-disabled, but like all of them require you to come in a few hours a week and look for a job. I'm not banking on universal basic income to happen anytime soon either. So it kinda matters. I guess many of you plan on killing yourself around that time though. I'm not really happy with my life, but I'll try to stick around.

By the way, having a job won't change a damn thing. When your parents kick you out or die, you'll have to change. Other than that, you won't do anything you didn't do before.


File: 1411251578674.jpg (31.18 KB, 478x787, 1375208017536.jpg)

While I can`t really agree, or disagree, the least I know is that this current civilization is on the brink of collapse. There`s no one thing to blame on this though, it seems as if civilizations are meant to become bloated and cancerous after they peak. Yet the world has never been as globalized as it is today, so theoretically if some nation(s)collapsed overnight, someone else will take its place overnight. It almost seems nigh impossible to revert back to more primitive/traditional ways of life as it was in the past after a collapse.


Fuck you. WTF is meaningful about violently and painfully murdering a random deer who never did anything to you? Please kill yourself.


>Things that our ancestors were trained to deal with to an extent that their population remained constant and/or grew.
By "remained constant" you're actually saying "died in much great numbers", and that that was good. I doubt they thought the same while struggling to survive, the same struggle that caused some to create civilization.

>He means that humans are now changing nature at an unprecedented rate. We're going through another mass extinction event, and it's because of humans.

And why is that bad? I think it's not inherently bad nor good, humans do what humans do like any other animal. We merely have some different tools that caused us to be exceedingly successful.

>In the short term. In the long term it's been a psychological disaster.

What you mean by "psychological disaster" was caused by humans learning how to think, everything else just followed. And it's irrelevant whether you think it was good or bad that humans learned how to think. Humans won't unlearn that, there's no going back, we'll always know that we know how to think and try to better our lives by using that tool.

>You're just repeating the same tired ad hominem bullshit that's been thrown at primitivists again and again. Why don't people try to learn about positions they seem to hate so much? I don't get it. The way you're reacting is the way I reacted to Ted Kacyznski's ideas as a 10 year old when they were presented on the Natgeo channel.

Anyone who disagrees with Ted Kacyznski's ideas is a 10 years old, he cannot possibly really disagree.

>Now people are living even longer in misery, great. Not to mention that plenty of society's health problems are a result of civilization to begin with.

People are free to use or refrain from using the remedies civilization offers if they think it brings them more pain, and in fact they should do so if that's what they think. They shouldn't stop others from using those remedies, since others don't think so.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1410924703543.jpg (133.4 KB, 500x485, 194107798.jpg)

 No.150413 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What is with this 'failed normie' nonsense? Very few people choose the wizard path. Most of us are this way because of ostracisation, ugliness, etc (being undesirable in some way). Hey, if you're happy with your situation, great, but don't attack others for lamenting it.

Chad's life is better in every way-


>good at sports
>receives validation from women and people instead of vicarious indulgences like anime or vidya

Am I in the wrong for wanting this? Would I be in the wrong for wanting a billion dollars or 10/10 looks? Don't act like you're some fucking ascended ascetic because most of you are miserable just like me and the other 'failed normies'. 99% of us would be happier as chads. 99% of us would willingly leave wizardry for a loyal gf and good friends.

As social animals we are built to want and crave that. Do outliers exist? Yeah, of course. I wish I could love living with this lonely hell. But there's nothing wrong with wanting to trade places with a tall Chad jock who loves life and gets everything, then gets a shitty economics or psych degree in a state college and has the time of his life playing sports and having fun, and then lands jobs because of his charm and looks. Don't act all sanctimonious like you chose wizardry and despise those who don't like this kind of life.

Yeah, I know, inb4 /r9k/, etc.
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>Shit and impure.
How do you know if you've never done it?


>hurrr durrr I reduce people's motives in life to overly simplified bullshit


He's a normalfaggot who wants to save the white race by having many children with a succubus. He's clearly just a normalfag but seeks to be different than the others by espousing his edgy racial rhetoric.


There are thousand other places where you can talk about normie shit

Why can't we just have v9k for some self loathing without people telling us how to improve our lifes



This is why I was against deleting /self/. I remember when moot deleted the first /r9k/ and /new/ back on 4chan and it just resulted in whiny robots and white nationalists shitposting everywhere else.

I don't remember unwanted advice being this ubiquitous on /v9k/ before.

File: 1411138497992.png (172.41 KB, 636x441, 137272262872.png)

 No.151438 [Reply]

We already know that normies can destroy every place they come to, but I can't stand the fact how cancerous are gaming communities now.
And I don't mean only mmo's, I rather think about more competitive games. I went on twitch.tv, I've been there few times only and what is saw is
>gaming gurlz with lots of beta followers and subscribers mfw even some pornstars have their channel on twitch
>normalfags everywhere
>attention whoring
And it's pretty much the same with every game out there with very few exceptions. It really wasn't like this 10 years ago or even earlier, everything was different. I miss those times, but sadly they'd never come back… most likely.
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White knights are the worst cancer of man.


>mfw even some pornstars have their channel on twitch
>whining about video game industry
have you considered reading books?
fucking plebs


Videogames are over. Seriously. Videogames aren't for people like "us" anymore.



Maybe us wizards should move to another kind of media like Choose your own Adventure kind of books or other fantasy stuff inaccessible to normies. Maybe radio broadcasts of books we write or something.

File: 1409875731177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.8 KB, 430x329, kill me.jpg)

 No.143955 [Reply]

acne ruined my life
53 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Would you rather have acne and be 6'3", or not have acne and be 5'3".


File: 1411195744964.jpg (220.42 KB, 618x993, prolongwear-spf10foundation-nw…)

Put it on.


i actually went to a doctor that did the laser therapy for a consultation. it was $400 per session and you need at least 5 or so

i didn't do it for the following reasons, 1. she told me that the scars never really go away, only fade them. 2. i'm black and the laser has a negative effect on darker skin, it can change the tone of your skin and ruin your face.

expensive and risky so i turned it down. if you're white and have the money go for it.



easy answer 6'3" with acne


does anyone here use foundation or other stuff? or tried?
isn't there a risk it just makes your skin even worse?

File: 1411249373986.jpg (27.31 KB, 361x226, intro.jpg)

 No.152018 [Reply]

>tfw poor
>tfw I will never have PS4 or even a Ps3.
>tfw occulus rift,morpheus and all that good shit is too expensive for me so I will never know my waifu or escape this shitty life
>tfw writing this in a 8 year old pc that barely plays youtube videos.

Being poor is the worst feel…anyone here knows it?
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Oculus rift is gonna cost like 100 dollars


You still need a powerful PC.


4chan kind of arguing. You have no argument, you're just saying "I'm right, you're wrong!". You're no better than a feminist succubus.


Wii is the ultimate poorfag console. Great for emulation, easy to pirate, and actually has loads of fun games on there. There are even methods of connecting back to the "Wifi network" (or whatever nintendo called it) again.


>tfw I have dreams of owning a nice CRT with retro consoles hooked up to it and my favorite games
I can at least emulate some of them on my toaster but fuck, having a nice video game collection would be such a great luxury.

File: 1410721931845.jpg (21.28 KB, 601x337, 1409004911153.jpg)

 No.149186 [Reply]

>make thread
>someone makes fun of you
>hide thread

Anyone else know this feel
68 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Its called talking to yourself, each post containing a different POV.

Waiting for someone else to post an alternative veiw is a waste of time if you can do it yourself.


>I hate how you have to insult normies to make them think, though. When they aren't trying to prove they aren't retarded, they act like retards.

That's going in my book, mate. Paraphrased of course.


No anon.

>make a tulpa

>have it possess you
>genuine different personality with different voice, thought-patterns, different brain waves, etc.


Sometimes I get pretty anxious when I make threads on any imageboard, so I rarely make them unless I'm pretty sure the topic is something nobody can insult me for.


If all you can do is talk shit and whine, they know exactly who they messed with.

File: 1411151444519.jpg (81.78 KB, 680x921, 1409783627497.jpg)

 No.151541 [Reply]

>that feel when you feel like all social interaction is bullshit, a barely held in place façade, and you have no bond or connection to your family or nation or anyone else at all really
>you stand apart from the world, loving nobody, only wanting to survive and to kill everyone else
>every other human alive is just a competitor for resources you want
>you would rather humanity die off to a point of humans becoming so rare that you rarely ever meet other ones and such encounters are just paranoid chance meetings as you go about the world hunting for prey and forage
>nobody around to shit up the world with their shitty houses, noises, pets, and other stupid shit
>just you and the vast expanses of ruins being grown over by new life or some places simply being avoided because of ecological disaster
>the world finally calm, mysterious, vast, and expansive all over again… no more swarms of human cattle making the life as a human cheap and worthless

I want a disaster to kill everyone in my city and if there are any I'd want to be spared then I do not know them and I doubt they are even there. I do not enjoy the company of other humans at all. Every other human represents competition to me, another greedy fuck taking up scarce resources I want for myself.
20 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Where is /fringe/?


Not on wizardchan


I agree, most of them are used as Ad Hominems, they should be banned.



jist kidding I found it.

Gonna do some prayers for ebola chan


>I think I would actually be mentally ill if I would believe an anonymous poster who says he can paralyze people with sigils

I know a guy who does that but not with sigils, he uses demons he summoned with Goetia to get shit done.

>and travel in time and doesn't deliver any proof.

I know two people that can do this physically a a couple more that can at least send their mind back in time.

>As the old saying goes, pics or didn't happen

Pictures will be dismissed as shoops or whatever. Perhaps you'd like to see magic done however on a livestream webcam?

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